Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets

100% Natural Erosion Control Landscape and Engineering Products

Green Geotextiles

Here you can see the effect of GEOCOIR®/DeKoWe® 900 erosion control blanket being used to construct vegetated geogrids to reclaim lost property due to embankment erosion.

Once the vegetation is established it acts as an erosion inhibitor. Without GEOCOIR®/DeKoWe® this would be a difficult accomplishment.

An erosion control blanket can be a very effective way of stabilizing the landscape, preventing erosion, and enabling the growth of vegetation on the land. Further, an erosion control blanket made with coir fibers, fibers derived from the husks of coconuts, has many advantages to synthetic materials including better water absorption, high tensile strength, and eventual decomposition of the fibers.

What is GEOCOIR/DeKoWe?

GEOCOIR/DeKoWe geo-textiles are made of pure coir drawn from the husk of the coconut without adding any synthetic material - a 100 natural product. This is GEOCOIR /DeKoWe's most essential, distinctive feature compared to conventional geotextiles used for soil stabilization, reinforcement. landscaping and erosion control.

As soon as they have accomplished their function as slope protection/erosion control (10 years depending upon application), GEOCOIR / DeKoWe geotextiles decompose and fit into the natural ecological cycle, thus fulfilling the claim for indulgent, near-natural landscaping.

Apart from decomposing after doing their job, coir fibers have other enormous advantages compared with synthetic fibers. They are highly water absorbent, while retaining their physical properties. They store up water and build an ideal microclimate for the seeds underneath. Of all natural fibers, coir has the greatest tensile strength.

Coir fibers are derived from the husk of coconuts, the versatile fruit known as the gift of the tree of life. The coir fiber is a renewable vegetative resource.

GEOCOIR/DeKoWe fabrics are available in several weights and configurations The woven coir blanket is available in three weights 400, 700 and 900 grams/sq. meter (12, 20. 26 oz/yd). Each fabric has a unique engineering and erosion protection function to perform.

GECOIR/DeKoWe 2307 is a flexible stabilization fencing system designed to act as geocell to support earth embankments until vegetation is established. It is a very flexible and cost effective system.


  1. Handles high water velocities
  2. UV resistant vs. synthetics
  3. High tensile strength
  4. Biodegradable after 4-10 years
  5. Water absorbent
  6. Accepts hydroseeding
  7. Plant through fabric
  8. Flexible - easy to handle
  9. Traps sediment-builds deposition
  10. Blends with environment
  11. Economical to install
  12. Esthetically pleasing
  13. Economical alternative to rip-rap/synthetics


  1. Stream/river bank stabilization
  2. High altitude - short growing season
  3. Silt fencing
  4. Construct vegetated geogrids
  5. Revegetation projects
  6. Effective on all soil surfaces
  7. Proven effective on 1:1 slopes and those greater than 1:1
  8. Channel revegetation
  9. All soil bio-engineering applications
  10. Resedimentation projects

Secured by using wooden stakes as pictured here

This is a picture of GEOCOIR being used in a water retention pond

  1. Light weight coir fabric
  2. Open weave contruction allows for hydro-seeding with permanent covers
  3. Strong enough to hold sod in place
  4. Long lasting (4-10 years) where short growing seasons are not conducive to fast establishment of vegetation
  1. Handles water flows up to 8'/sec
  2. Anchored by wooden stakes or metal pins
  3. Stake length: minimum of 18"
  4. Lay loosley on all surfaces for good fabric/ground contact

GEOCOIR/DeKoWe 700 being used in a vegetated geogrid and blanket application to protect a sand embankment from tidal and pleasure boat wave action

Applications / Uses

  1. Geogrids - vegetated
  2. Extreme slopes
  3. Landscape through fabric
  4. Hydrosprigging/hydroseeding after installation
  5. Handseed prior to installation
  6. Do not stretch fabric - lay loosely on surface so all fibers can make contact on the soil


  1. Water flows up to 10'/sec
  2. Anchored by wooden stakes or metal pins
  3. Stake length: minimum of 18"

Slopes of greater than 1:1 are no problem for GEOCOIR/DeKoWe 900

Perfect for high altitude steep slopes. Lasting for greater than five growing seasons

Applications / Uses

  1. Geogrids - vegetation
  2. Extreme slopes greater than 1:1
  3. Landscape through fabric
  4. Beach resedimentation/remediation
  5. Economical substitute for synthetics
  6. Silty soils - tidal areas
  7. Water channels


  1. Water flows - 15'/sec
  2. Seed prior to application of fabric
  3. Attach with wooden/metal stakes/pins 18"-24" in length

Stabilization Fencing System

This stabilization fencing system consists of wooden stakes and GEOCOIRDeKoWe fabric installed in either a diamond or parallel embankment pattern. Soil is added to the cells and vegetation introduced to develop permanent stabilization

  1. Economical and effective alternative for embankment stabilization
  2. High retention capacity - water absorbency while retaining physical properties
  3. Ecologically sound
  4. Allows transportation of organisms from cell to cell
  5. Fast and easy to install
  1. Completely flexible system - goes anywhere
  2. Life expectancy in ground: 3-4 years
  3. Can be used in combination with all types of slope drainage systems
  4. 1,000 to 1,500 linear yards can be installed by a two man crew in one day

Solutions to a Multitude of Erosion Control Problems

  1. Used to solve erosion control problems for over 30 years
  2. Easy and economical to install
  3. Totally biodegradable within 2 years
  4. Highly absorbent - up to five times its own weight in water
  5. Hugs all ground surfaces to hold soil and seed in place
  6. Helps prevent undercutting
  7. No synthetic nettings to interfere with mowers
  8. No synthetic nettings to injure or trap birds or animals
  9. Acts as a soil nutrient - puts back two tons of rich organic matter per acre
  10. Accepts hydroseeding before AND after installation
  11. Open weave construction allows overseeding after installation and after initial vegetation is established
  12. Ideal for bio-engineering applications
  13. Earthtone color blends in with all habitats
  14. Natural fiber - jute - undyed and unbleached, without toxins
  15. Applicable to all climates and soil conditions
  16. Applicable to most any terrain; used with any grass or ground cover
  17. Has been successfully used on slopes up to 1:1
  18. Anchored with staples
  19. Approved by most state DOT

Unlimited Applications and Uses, Including:

  1. Golf course construction and maintenance
  2. Embankments and slopes
  3. Civic beautification
  4. Landfills
  5. Highway construction
  6. Landscape improvement
  7. Sod stabilization
  8. Lakes and stream banks
  9. Mining reclamation
  10. Nurseries
  11. Military bases
  12. Industrial and commercial development
  13. Farm and agricultural
  14. Hydroseeding
  15. Ski slopes
  16. Beach and sand dune stabilization
  17. Pipeline construction
  18. Wetland reclamation
  19. Drainage ditches

RS-1 Straw Erosion Control Blanket

  1. Flow Velocities: 6 fps
  2. Flow Depths: 4"
  3. Channel Grades: 4%
  4. Slope Angles: 3:1
  5. Fiber Type: AG Straw
  6. Certified Weed Free: Yes/Blue Label
  7. Thread Type: Degradable
  8. Stitch Width: 1.5"

RS-2 Straw Erosion Control Blanket

  1. Flow Velocities: 8 fps
  2. Flow Depths: 6"
  3. Channel Grades: 4%
  4. Slope Angles: 2:1
  5. Fiber Type: AG Straw
  6. Certified Weed Free: Yes/Blue Label
  7. Thread Type: Degradable
  8. Stitch Width: 1.5"

RSS C-3 Straw/Coconut Erosion Control Blanket

  1. Flow Velocities: 10 fps
  2. Flow Depths: 6"
  3. Channel Grades: 6%
  4. Slope Angles: 2:1
  5. Fiber Type: 70% Straw/30% Coconut
  6. Certified Weed Free: Yes/Blue Label
  7. Thread Type: Degradable
  8. Stitch Width: 1.5"

RSC-4 Coconut Erosion Control Blanket

  1. Flow Velocities: 12 fps
  2. Flow Depths: 7"
  3. Channel Grades: 6%+
  4. Slope Angles: 2:1+
  5. Fiber Type: Coconut 100%
  6. Thread Type: UV Stabilized
  7. Stitch Width: 1.5"

RSP-5 Ploy/Fiber Erosion Control Blanket

  1. Estimated Flow Velocities: 12 fps
  2. Flow Depths: 7"+
  3. Channel Grades: 6%+
  4. Fiber Type: Poly Fiber
  5. Thread Type: UV Stabilized
  6. Stitch Width: 1.5"


RS-1 RS-2 RSS/C-3 RSC-4 RSP-5
ROLL WIDTH 7.5' 7.5' 7.5' 7.5' 7.5'
ROLL LENGTH 120' 120' 120' 120' 120'





ROLL WEIGHT 50 lbs. 10% 50 lbs. 10% 60 lbs. 10% 64 lbs. 10% 80 lbs. 10%
WEIGHT / SQ. YDS. 0.50 lbs. 10% 0.50 lbs. 10% 0.60 lbs. 10% 0.64 lbs. 10% 0.80 lbs. 10%





FLOW DEPTHS 4" 6" 6"+ 7"+ 7"+
CHANNEL GRADES 4% 6% 6%+ 6%+ 6%+
SLOPE ANGLES 3:1 2:1 2:1+ 2:1 2:1
FIBER TYPE AG Straw AG Straw AG Straw -70% Coconut -100% Poly Fiber
      Coconut -30%    
CERTIFIED WEED FREE Yes/Blue Label Yes/Blue Label Yes/Blue Label N/A N/A
NET OPENING SIZE Apx. 3/8" Apx. 3/8" Apx. 3/8" Apx. 3/8" Apx. 3/8"
NETTING COLOR Green Green Green Green Green
PACKAGING Poly Wrap Poly Wrap Poly Wrap Poly Wrap Poly Wrap
ROLLS/TRUCK 300 300 300 300 300
THREAD TYPE Degradable Degradable Degradable U.V. Stabilized U.V. Stabilized
STITCH WIDTH 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 1.5"
* 3/8" - 3/4" 1/16 - Net Size based on State D.O.T. Requirements - Rapid Degradable available upon request.