Turbidity Curtains

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Absorbents, Spill Kits, Containment Systems and Equipment

Turbidity Curtain, Silt Curtain, Curtain Floating

For protection of marine life while dredging

  1. PVC coated floatations - ultraviolet resistant
  2. Geotextile fabric screens
  3. Chain ballast with connectors
  4. Double sewn seams with grommets
  5. Depths per requirements '50' sections
            1'-12'deep       12'-24' deep       24'-36' deep       36'-48' deep


Absorbents, Spill Kits, Containment Systems and Equipment

Type I:
Floatation consists of a series of expanded polyethylene logs, 6” in diameter and 55” long. The logs are enclosed in 22 oz./sq. yd. PVC coated nylon or polyester having 400 lbs. minimum tensile strength. Curtain is permanently attached to the bottom of the floatation unit and weighed down with 1/4” galvanized chain. The curtain material is slit film woven polypropylene having 200 lb. or 300 lb. tensile strength.

Type II:
Floatation and construction are identical to Type I. Curtain material is monofilament woven polypropylene.

Woven Curtain Material Specifications:


Fabric Code
Fabric Structure
Polymer Composition
Grab Strength
Trap Tear Strength
Burst Strength
U.V. Resistance
Test Method

ASTM D-4632
ASTM D-4632
ASTM D-4533
ASTM D-3786
ASTM D-3787 (mod)
ASTM D-4632
ASTM D-4335

AEF 200W
4.2 oz/sq. yd.
200 lbs.
90 lbs.
400 psi
90 lbs.
70% (500 hrs)

AEF 300W
5.8 oz/sq. yd.
300 lbs.
120 lbs.
600 psi
150 lbs.
70% (500 hrs)

AEF 650W
6.3 oz/sq. yd.
390 x 250 lbs.
115 x 65 lbs.
495 psi
130 lbs.
70% (500 hrs)

Floating Turbidity Control Curtains are impermeable barriers* constructed of a flexible reinforced thermoplastic material dielectrically welded to provide an upper hem for enclosing flotation material and a lower hem for enclosing ballast material. The skirt depth of the silt curtain is the material vertically below the upper hem. The length of the turbidity curtain is the horizontal distance between ends. Additional construction features are dependent on silt curtain design.

Curtain Floating Barriers are designed to control the settling of solids (silt) suspended in water by providing a controlled area of containment. This condition of suspension (turbidity) is usually created by disrupting natural conditions through construction or dredging in the marine environment. The containment of settleable solids is desirable to reduce the impact area of these solids.

Although the Silt Curtains listed are standard, Boom Environmental can custom design specific floating booms to solve unique problems. What this means is that the standard designs are available with a variety of fabric options, flotation sizes, load-bearing and ballast members, connectors and lengths. When a variation on a standard design won't work, Boom Environmental engineers can design to meet the requirements.

Custom Design Silt Curtain

Lightweight Turbidity Curtain

Application: Calm waters with little current, such as lakes, ponds, canals and shoreline areas.


  1. Fabric - Polyester reinforced vinyl high visibility yellow
  2. Connector - Sections are laced together through grommets and load lines are bolted together
  3. Flotation - 6" expanded polystyrene over 9 lbs./ft. buoyancy
  4. Ballast - 1/4" galvanized chain (.7 lbs/ft)

Middleweight Turbidity Curtain

Application: Rivers, streams, open lakes and exposed shorelines with moderate current moving in one direction.


  1. Fabric - Polyester reinforced vinyl high visibility yellow 18 oz/yd2 weight
  2. Connector - Shackled and bolted load lines
  3. Flotation - 8" expanded polystyrene over 19 lbs/ft buoyancy
  4. Ballast Line/Ballast - 5/16" galvanized chain (1.1 lbs/ft)
  5. Top Load Line - 5/16" galvanized wire rope enclosed in heavy tubing

Heavyweight Turbidity Curtain

Application: Exposed areas subject to current, wind and tides.


  1. Fabric - High strength nylon reinforced vinyl high visibility yellow 22 oz/yd2 weight
  2. Connector - Snap hooks and rings connect load lines with slotted reinforced PVC pipe for fabric closure. *Optional extruded aluminum connectors
  3. Flotation - 12" expanded polystyrene over 29 lbs./Ft buoyancy
  4. Ballast - 5/16" galvanized chain (1.1 lbs/ft)
  5. Load Lines - Dual 5/16" galvanized wire ropes with heavy vinyl coating